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The terms "self direction" or "self directed living" appear often in Central Carolina Counseling literature and brochures. These phrases go to the heart of our mission and approach. Our work seeks to help individuals and families discover their identities and to make life choices that are consistent with their family identity.

Clients come to Central Carolina Counseling to address personal, family, and school or work related problems. Often they experience depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, or have stress-related physical symptoms that impede normal activities and relationships. Whatever the complaint, we strive to be consistent in our approach to providing the highest standards of care.

Standards of Care

The therapists at Central Carolina Counseling look at the whole person...at overall health. Often medical and behavioral health issues interact to cause individual and family problems. We encourage clients to consult with their physician to rule out medical issues and to take advantage of the latest medicines that can help with symptom relief. Current research indicates that the most effective treatments for most behavioral health problems involve a combination of psychotherapy and medications. Because our interest is to provide the highest standard of care, we strive to treat the whole person and to work as team members with other professionals who help the client achieve desired goals.

Personal Identity - A Cornerstone

Personal identity is a fundamental element in behavioral health for individuals, couples, and families. There are many ways to approach the concept of a person's or a family's identity. Our approach focuses on passions. We encourage and assist clients to understand better their interests, dreams, and passions. We see value in knowing what is meaningful and rewarding about spending time with family, and making life choices that are consistent with personal and family identities, increasing satisfaction with life and relationships.

Self-Direction -- A Goal

Self-direction is a fundamental goal for individuals and families. Life choices that violate personal identity (dreams and passions) can cause stress. This type of stress can exacerbate anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, and a cluster of physical problems including hypertension, headaches, and obesity.

Self-direction implies that the individual and family make choices based upon their own desires and dreams, rather than external social pressures. We speak in terms of living a "want to" life as opposed to a "should" or "ought to" life. This is the basic premise of self-directed living.

An Effective Approach

While each person and family is unique, outcomes are improved by working closely with physicians and other caregivers as team members, and by applying the concepts of personal identity and self-direction in addressing the problems clients bring to counseling.

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