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Career changes and other work related concerns

Job losses have become an all too frequent part of contemporary life. All age groups are affected. However, midlife workers are especially vulnerable. Middle-aged men and women are twice as likely to lose their jobs in permanent layoff as they were just 15 years ago. About a million men a year in the US go through job loss at a time when their financial and family responsibilities are greatest. They are the victims of corporate downsizing, shifting technology, and changes in the world economy.

There are other reasons for finding new jobs in midlife. Divorce, the empty nest, or a change in one's interests can put a person back into the job market. Whatever the reason, career change can actually lead to a better life.

The place to start when confronted with a job loss is self awareness. How satisfying was the previous job? Are you interested in staying in the same field, or considering other alternatives? make a list of activities and expericnces you like. Create a mission statement. Develop an inventory of compentencies, accomplishments, satisfactions and values. Talk things over with friends and colleagues. Often time it is helpful to consult a professional therapist or a career counselor who can help you access your interests, aptitudes, and abilities.

Career changes are usually quite stressful. However, a change in career can lead to a more fulfilling and interesting life.

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